This project was inspired by the 350 Home and Garden Challenge of Sonoma County, CA.  Here are some of the background resources we used to develop this project in Amherst, MA.

  1. Overview of the Daily Acts Program in Sonoma County, CA
  2. Overview of the Homegrown Challenge (one of their projects)
  3. Summary of their 350 Home and Garden Challenge (a weekend of personal change)
  4. Guide to Community Organizing this project
  5. Project Report on their work

This work is funded partially through grants and business community support.  It is more ambitious than the objectives we have discussed but it provides a model. The following is an example of their 2012 efforts to have homeowners in the county install 100 graywater systems (which used spent dishwasher and washing machine water on the garden).


Participants would register their intent to install a system and provide information on the system, their name and address.  This would be recorded, inventoried and included on a map of participants.  Homeowners would then be invited to a free workshop on how to do the installation.

Here is the map:




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