Previous Projects


We particularly encourage you to connect with one or more of our Grow Food Amherst Committees.  You can sign up for them on the registration page linked to the email.

Steering Committee meets monthly in the Amherst Town Hall to provide overall leadership and guidance for the project.  To become more familiar with our work and current status of our project, please read the previous meeting notes.  Our next meeting will be (linked here).

The Sharing Garden Sub-committee is a group of citizens working with the Amherst Sustainability Coordinator, Stephanie Ciccarello, and the Stockbridge School of Agriculture to create and manage a new garden at the Fort River Farm Conservation Area.   To join this group, please contact Aaron Drysdale.

The School Garden Sub-committee is made up primarily of UMass students working with Sarah Berquist, the Auxillary Services Garden Coordinator, to help three Amherst elementary schools establish food gardens in 2013.  To help with this project, please contact Sarah Berquist.

The Farmers’ Markets Workshop Sub-committee organizes educational events at the Amherst Farmers Markets.  To help, please contact John Gerber.

 Welcome to Grow Food Amherst!