Our Projects

In 2015, we accomplished the following:

  1. Sustainability Sunday Workshops at All Things Local
  2. Weekly workshops at the Amherst Winter Farmer’s Market
  3. Amherst Bee Week
  4. Amherst School Garden Project with UMass
  5. We bought the farm – the Fort River Farm Conservation Area.
  6. Seed Saving Workshop in Town Hall

In 2014, we accomplished the following:

  1. Weekly workshops at the Amherst Winter Farmers Market
  2. Encouraging CPAC to support the proposed River Farm to allow us to create a Sharing Garden
  3. Weekly child friendly events at the Amherst Wednesday Farmers’ Market
  4. Weekly Sustainability Sunday Workshops  at All Things Local
  5. Continued activity of the Amherst School Project
  6. Participation in National Food Day on October 24

In 2013, we accomplished the following:

  1. The 2013 Amherst Garden Challenge
  2. School Garden Project
  3. Gleaning and Cooking Workshops
  4. Soup and canning workshop with local products
  5. Gardening 101 Workshop
  6. Outdoor Permaculture Workshop
  7. Tomato plant giveaway
  8. Jam making workshops
  9. Bicycle tour of local food gardens

Future Projects

Among the projects we have discussed for the future are:

Individual projects will be managed by subcommittees of Grow Food Amherst (see the Our Projects link above).   You are welcome to attend one of the monthly steering committee meetings or join one of the subcommittees – or propose a project yourself!

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