Financial Support

Thanks to those who have donated!

Happy to help! Rotary Club of Amherst
Happy to help! Rotary Club of Amherst

Special thanks to one of our primary supporters, the Amherst branch of Rotary International, for their generous contribution.

ecospiritphotoWe appreciate the support of the UMass class, NRC 597SE – Spirituality and Environmental Sustainability, for their generous contribution, which was part of their “carbon consciousness” project in the Spring of 2015.

fundraiserThanks to all of the participants in our Bee Week Fundraiser for the Pollinator Garden!


hadleyWe are very grateful to Tom Giles, owner of the Hadley Garden Center, for his generous contribution of 50 small fruit and perennial vegetable plants to the garden.  Here is a picture of some of the 20+ volunteers from Grow Food Amherst and the Stockbridge School of Agriculture after planting the donated plants on a cold, rainy day in November 2016!IMG_4156Fundraising Summary:

  1. Rotary International = $500
  2. UMass Class = $125
  3. Bee Week Fundraiser = $220
  4. Anonymous Donation = $155
  5. Hadley Garden Center = approximate value $500

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