Help Bagshare Amherst!

bagsBagshare Amherst and All Things Local is in need of gently used cloth bags, can you help?

In an effort to reduce their environmental impact, All Things Local Cooperative Market is partnering with the Bagshare project!


The BagShare event is ongoing at All Things Local. The in-house (or on the patio, rather) event that they had recently was very successful. They made over 50 bags… BUT they need your excess empty cloth bags to help get to 150 bags!

Your donated bags will be outfitted with a “bagshare” label and then will be available to those who have forgotten their reusable bags!  Sharon Raymond, of Simple Shoemaking will be overseeing the “BagShare” program.

All Things Local is holding off on handing out these bags until they have 150 – so they will definitely be having another (on the patio) event in the very near future.

Please help by bringing your extra soft cloth bags that are suitable for shopping!

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