GFA supports the Massachusetts GMO Right to Know Legislation

The Steering Committee of Grow Food Amherst voted to join the many businesses and organizations that have indicted their support for pending Massachusetts legislation, Genetic Engineering Transparency Food and Seed Labeling Act, H.D. 369, (the GMO Labeling Law) sponsored by our own Representative Ellen Story and supported by 143 of the 200 Massachusetts legislators.  The up to the minute list of legislative sponsors is here.

banner_test1More than 300 local businesses, organizations and community groups have so far joined the network supporting GMO labeling in Massachusetts.  To be clear, this is not an “anti-GMO” bill, but rather a “pro-right to know” bill.  Grow Food Amherst has not expressed an opinion on the safety, value, or economic and social impact of the genetic modification technology.  This remains an open question in scientific circles.  This is a pro-consumer right to know issue.  For more information on the proposed legislation, see: Mass GMO Labeling Law

One thought on “GFA supports the Massachusetts GMO Right to Know Legislation

  1. I am 100% in support of labeling as a necessary step to protecting the biodiversity of our food supply and the right of people to know what they are putting in there tummies.


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