Amherst Celebrates National Food Day with a Local Foods Potluck

WebAmherst Sustainability Coordinator, Stephanie Ciccarello, welcomed 25 local residents to the first Local Food Potluck sponsored by Grow Food Amherst at the Bangs Community Center on Food Day, October 24.  Joining more than 4,500 food events in all 50 states, Amherst citizens took a small but positive step to fix the broken food system.

According to Rose Arruda, Food Day Massachusetts Coordinator with the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources; “across many sectors, hundreds of individuals and organizations are collaborating on activities for Food Day. Knowing that they have come together to share and educate their community speaks to the sense of responsibility we have for our food system and that we have a stake in each other’s well being… we are also having fun as we do the work!”

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Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate

Food Day 2013!

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