North American Biochar Symposium in Amherst!


The 2013 USBI North American Biochar Symposium

….. will be held this year at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, MA!  This symposium is designed for farmers, foresters, researchers, policy makers, biochar producers and entrepreneurs, and especially students and citizens who want to learn about biochar as an alternative to fossil fuel-based fertilizers/pesticides and energy.  Some highlights:

  • building community economies with biochar
  • livestock nutrition and manure management
  • soil and ecosystem remediation
  • microbial fuel cells and combined heat and biochar/power
  • carbon smart food labeling, permitting, forestry, permaculture and more!
 Conference Director, Karen Ribeiro, is looking for local farmers who would like to get involved by:
  1. Selling a biochar related product for the biochar banquet
  2. Attending the farmer workshop on October 13
  3. Attend the symposium or stop in the free Video Lounge any of the 3-days during the conference

Sponsors are also welcome!

Karen is also looking for volunteers to help before or during the conference. Volunteers are able to attend free or at a reduced rate depending upon the number of hours worked. Karen Ribeiro can be reached at 413-265-3892 or by email at Karen (at)

See for more information.

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