And the winners are…..

Congratulations to the three winners or our drawing for a gardening book.  They are:

  • Janet and Mark Bucciarelli
  • Helene and John Cunningham
  • Barry Magnani

Once we reached 350 new members of Grow Food Amherst this month, we used a random number generator to select three members “from a hat”.  Each winner received a copy of “Food Grown Right, in Your Backyard” which was donated by the publisher for this purpose.



According to Helene Cunningham, this is the second year they have grown a vegetable garden.  Last year, husband John and daughter Julie, carved out a small triangular chunk of their lawn.  This year, they have planted tomatoes, beans and squash.  John said even a few pumpkin seeds from last year are coming up!

Here is a look at part of their sweet little garden!


Congratulations to our winners!

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