Count me in as one of the 100 new food gardens in Amherst (and surrounding towns)!

Count me in!

Part of the mission of Grow Food Amherst is to encourage each other to “grow more healthy and affordable food locally.”  There are lots of ways to accomplish this objective, such as:

  • shopping at one of our farmers markets
  • joining a CSA
  • participate in a local food coop
  • start a food garden in your FRONT yard
  • maintain a potted herb plant on your windowsill
  • raise hens (for the eggs) in your BACK yard
  • what else (let me know in the reply box below)

Anyway, you get it!  We believe Amherst will become a more resilient community, better able to weather the vagaries of the industrial food system, if we take more responsibility for growing our own food locally.

onehundredThis spring we set a goal of gaining 350 new members in our first year of operation (and we are almost there)!   We also hoped to identify at least 100 people who either started a new food garden or expanded their garden this spring (from as small to a single potted plant to as large as starting a new food orchard).  Every effort counts!

If you think you qualify as one of the 100, please let us know so that we can all celebrate your efforts.  All you need to do is sign-up here to be counted!

I want to be counted as one of the 100 new or expanded “gardens” in Amherst!

Thanks for helping us become a more resilient community.

2 thoughts on “Count me in as one of the 100 new food gardens in Amherst (and surrounding towns)!

  1. my neighbor has an organic garden in her front yard but no one to garden. She is an older woman in a historical home. We are trying to find her a grant to buy seedlings and to find her people to help water. Thanks, Jaya Devi


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