“Find” Food Amherst!

“What better way to compliment Grow Food Amherst than with ‘Find Food Amherst‘” states Juliet Carvajal, who hosted the Edible Plants Workshop at Simple Gifts Farm on Sunday June 8, on behalf of Grow Food Amherst.

Juliet continues…..

“Eighteen or so folks, including about 6 children, walked around  Simple Gifts Farm in North Amherst Saturday morning with new eyes.  Llistening intently to our enthusiastic Edible Wild Plant guide John Root, naturalist, educator, and artist, as he reintroduced us to plants we ignore or mostly pull out as weeds as new found friends that we can eat.  John Root whetted our appetites to seek out these edibles that abound and to keep gaining knowledge and skill at identifying and using/ eating more of our surroundings.  He included some basic rules for safe and responsible foraging.”

Catch him at his next (free) Edible Wild Plants Walk, Saturday June 15, 2013, 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM, Brookfield Farm, 24 Hulst Rd. in Amherst and check out his website.


And don’t miss our next workshop on Jam Making!

Thursday, June 20 at 6:00-8:00pm at the Bangs Community Center, Amherst, MA

Strawberries are in season and at their peek flavor! Join Peg Thibbitts to learn how to cook and preserve this bountiful fruit so that you can enjoy it all year long! The workshop is free but limited to twenty participants.

Please contact Amherst Sustainability Coordinator, Stephanie Ciccarello, at (413) 259-3149 or ciccarellos@amherstma.gov to reserve a spot!


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