An update on our Amherst School Garden Project

Our Permaculture in in the Pioneer Valley class is moving forward a little bit more each week. We had our first class on January 25. We are a motivated group of about 12-13 students (mostly UMass and Hampshire College) meeting weekly on Fridays and once/week in small working groups.

schoolgarden2The idea is through introduction to basic principles of permaculture, students will use permaculture as a tool for community engagement by building and strengthening relationships with local elementary schools:

  • Crocker Farm School,
  • Wildwood Elementary School, and
  • Fort River Elementary School.

Each working group of 3-4 students will be focused on one school, working intimately on the following:

  1. planning an academic activity, presentation, or game relevant to local food, permaculture, gardening and;
  2. implementing a small garden and using the schools as venues to practice permaculture design principles.

We will be looking at ways to be involved in greater community projects.

My role in the project is the course facilitator/organizer.  We are grateful for the support from UMass Auxilary Enterprises as well as Stockbridge School of Agriculture.

Sarah Berquist

2 thoughts on “An update on our Amherst School Garden Project

  1. Folks in Montague Center supported a Montague Center Ele School initiative…back before the school was closed….the kids grew their own wheat and made flour, pancakes; used local eggs, local milk, maple syrup etc for a truly local meal.


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