Grow Food Amherst activities update

Grow Food Amherst founding member, John White, wrote about GFA;

“Our purpose is to promote the development of more gardens among Amherst citizens and greater awareness of where our food comes from among school children and all residents.  We have named our project The 350 Garden Challenge, and the scope of the endeavor is now available for the public to see at  There are several components to our efforts:

  • To encourage 350 residents, including youth, to participate in the project (join here);
  • To encourage the development of at least 100 new garden endeavors this spring – they can be backyard gardens, raised bed gardens, container gardens on a patio, or renewing an old garden (see link);
  • Expanding the School Gardens Project by planting more fruit trees and establishing gardens and gardening instruction at the elementary schools (see link):
  • The planting of edible crops in downtown locations and other public settings;
  • Offering two spring workshops on gardening, and a fall seed-saving workshop;
  • Offering more Gleaning and Cooking workshops this fall, as we did last fall (see link).

This will be an on-going project that we feel will have a significant effect on the quality of life in Amherst (and communities throughout W. MA as others become inspired to follow our lead) and the relationship between school children and families to the natural world.  It will also promote the concept of food security in our region.”

To help us reach our goal of 350 members this year, please join us!

Join Grow Food Amherst


Supported by:

Sustaining Amherst

Stockbridge School of Agriculture

UMass Permaculture Initiative

Amherst Residents


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