Join the “homegrown revolution” in Amherst


There will be a meeting of the “lets grow more gardens in town” subcommittee of Grow Food Amherst on:

Monday, January 7

12:00noon – 1:30pm

Amherst Town Hall

Anyone wanting to work on this project is invited.


We have tentatively agreed to encourage Amherst residents to expand or create a new food planting during the spring of 2013.  This is based on a successful effort in Sonoma County, California in which they created 350 new food plantings in one weekend in May of 2012.  Our objectives are slightly less ambitious!  Resources to review before the meeting

  1. Overview of the Daily Acts Program in Sonoma County, CA
  2. Overview of the Homegrown Challenge (one of their projects)
  3. Summary of their 350 Home and Garden Challenge (a weekend of personal change)
  4. Guide to Community Organizing this project
  5. Project Report on their work

Here is a video describing the project in Sonoma County:

NOTE: You are invited to join the Grow Food Amherst mailing list simply by signing up here: Grow Food Amherst.




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